We offer not only top of the line equipment, but the professionals who are highly skilled in producing multimedia. Our team consists of an award winning writer, a member of the Editors Guild, and a Daytime Emmy Award Winning Cameraman to name a few.


Precision Garage Door - Meet Gary
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Meatballs & Brews

The Regency
Rich & Son

Short Hills Marble & Tile
NJ State Fair 2015

Studio One Lingerie
K9 Resorts - Best Friend's Luxury
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About Us


    Alongside video production our skillful team includes graphic designers and web designers who are committed to creating unique sites and logos that catch the eye, and reflect the nature and quality of your business.

  • Meetings

    We understand that every company is unique. That is why we will personally meet with you as many times as it takes to come up with the best campaign for your specific company– Simply meet with us to prove our worth.

  • What You Can Expect

    Through the entire process, from our first meeting to delivery we will treat your company as if it is our own. We know too often advertising is the last thing on your to do list, and that is why we try to make the process as painless as possible from pre-production to post.

  • Why You Need Professionals:

    We have been asked many times, can’t I just go out and get a camera and shoot this myself. Or why can’t I design my logo or website myself? The answer is you can, but without the knowledge, resources and experience we offer, you will not be happy with the results.

  • Marketing Agencies:

    We have worked with marketing agencies before to produce the best possible advertisement campaigns for the client. We will be glad to work with yours.

  • Why Pick Us:

    For the same reasons you want clients to pick you, we are the best. From working with dozens of clients we know every company along with every brand is unique, and we will treat each as it deserves. Honestly, if you are looking for low-end quality productions please look somewhere else. We take the time and effort to give each client exactly what they deserve, quality.

  • What We Offer:

    We offer not only top of the line equipment, but the professionals who are highly skilled in producing multimedia. Our team consists of an award winning writer, a member of the Editors Guild, and a Daytime Emmy Awarding Cameraman to name a few.

  • Non-Profits:

    We truly enjoy producing meaningful videos and we figure what better way to do just that then to help Non-Profits with their causes. We will even help you with the grant proposals to find funding if that is what it takes to get your video produced. Let’s start with a meeting where you can tell us about your cause and how we can help.


It is surprising how many production companies look at the idea as a side note. Sure some of them like us offer top of the line equipment, but what about the idea? They seem to think as long as the commercial looks good that is all they need. Not us.

We start and finish with the idea because without the right idea you simply have nothing. Take a movie for example, if it has the best director, top equipment, and leading professionals in their fields, but the idea is weak you really have nothing. Sure it will look beautiful, but no one will remember it in a few weeks, or worse they will for the wrong reasons. Let us make sure that does not happen to you.


We have developed into a society where “I want it and I want it now” is the norm. Too often, quality seems to take a backseat. This is not how we wanted to do business. Quality video is not something that can just be slapped together. It is an art. And that is why this company is determined to offer the best in production. In an industry that is constantly changing we do not claim to know it all, but you can be sure we’re going to find out. We are the people who could not tolerate watching others coast through the process, and use the client’s untrained eye to their advantage.



From Television & Internet Commercials to Corporate Videos to Public Service Announcements, our goal is to offer the very best. We can proudly say we have doubled client’s businesses, and know that the possibilities we offer for your company, whether it is for internet or broadcasting use is a very cost effective strategy all around. We provide services to all of New Jersey and the Tri-state area. No client is too small, only the idea can be, and that’s when we come in; with effective original ideas.


  • Amazing Job

    "TWTBBP, did an amazing job producing our commercial. They were easy to work with and went above and beyond their creativity and service. Our business has increased significantly and our company image has been improved immensely. We look forward to working with them again on our next campaign." - Fetch ID

  • Will Use Again

    "The Way the Ball Bounces was incredibly accommodating and fully understanding of our needs going in. Not only were they very professional and thorough, but great with suggestions and always there when we needed them. Will use again!" - Meatballs & Brews

  • Turned out great

    "Thanks. It turned out great. Can't wait to see it on TV!" - Rich & Son

  • Is it possible?

    "Is it possible, can it be I got a call from the TV???? Holy Sh*t!!!! Thank You – After being on TV for only one day." - The Law Offices of Lloyd E. Bennett

  • Amazing job

    "They did an amazing job on the commercial. I love the cartoon like 3d rooster/chicken. It’s super cool. Nice work." - NJ State Fair

  • Thank you

    "We really enjoyed working with your team. As you point out it is a bit stressful at many levels for each of us. Thank you so much. We really appreciate all your hard work on this project." - Patel & Soltis Law Firm

Lets Produce Your Video . . . the Right Way!

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